Architecture | Bloc Era


2017 – 2019
Bucharest, Romania
credits: A19 + studio Est
Cosmin Dragomir | Alina Dragomir
Alexandru Muntean | Calin Lambrache
structure: AxII Design Studio
mechanical&electrical: MaxArt Engineering
photograhpy: Cosmin Dragomir

The building is part of a residential complex located in a developing urban context in the northern part of Bucharest. It opens to the main street connecting to the existing paths and routes, generating new meeting places and becoming the visual landmark of the neighbourhood.

The general U shaped layout gives room for a consistent and well-defined public space, which usually lacks in the new peri-urban developments around Bucharest, but at the same time is essential for a healthy urban life.

The 30 apartments contain 17 distinct typologies that feature multiple orientations, generous spaces and large loggias that visually link the surrounding green space with the interior.

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