Interior Design | Cultural Hub


Bucharest, Romania
reconversion – work in progress
credits: Alexandru Muntean | Valeriu Nicolaides | Alexandrina Remescu Simo | Calin Lambrache

The project is as a reconversion of an 1930’s multi storey car park into a cultural hub that hosts different programmes on each of its levels. The building is divided into 5 floors with two separate accesses: the ground floor communicates only with the street while the rest of the floors from 1 to 4 are accessed via an outside ramp that continues inside.

The reconversion starts from the first floor where a bar/night event space/ gallery are located and continues to the second floor with an office/co-working space, at the third level there are a couple of workshops and 5 sound studios/rehearsal rooms and on top there is a large day/evening multifunctional event space. All the floors are connected via the former car ramp that acts as main circulation and that enables an uninterrupted tour of the whole building.

While a custom metal staircase had to be added on the exterior due to safety reasons, the interior design takes into account the use of “straight from the shelf” materials keeping the cost of the reconversion under control and also allowing for experimentation with cheap means.

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