Architecture | House C


near Bucharest, Romania
private house
credits: Alexandru Muntean | Calin Lambrache David Stancu | Razvan Puchici | Ioana Moanga

We imagined the house as a series of sequences that starts near the entranceof the plot and finishes down by the lake. The house doesn’t fully reveal itself at the time of the arrival, instead it appears like a white rock sitting in a green landcsape, hidden among trees and greeney. The lake is not yet visible at this point. From here a sininking path leads to the entrance. Again the view of the lake is not immediate: one must first go trough a vestibule and only after the view opens up with the lake on one side and a hidden artificial pond on the other.

The ground floor forms an L shape oriented towards the lake with floor to ceiling openings that let the landscape pour in. Even the garage follows the same idea and driving home is integrated into the sequence of the house with the lake being obstructed at the beinning only to be revealed later. From the open ground floor a path passing trough the covered BBQ area goes down to the boat landing area, and here the sequence ends near the surface of the water.

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