Competition | Rethinking Somes


Cluj, Romania
strategy + masterplan
credits: credits: studio Est + AnthropoScene
Alexandru Muntean | Bogdan Ilie | Ana Sabrina Martínez Feria | Alexandrina Remescu-Simo | Germana Sciortino | Alexandra Stoleru | Valeria Lapeluz Martínez | Calin Lambrache | Valeriu Nicolaides

Rethinking Someș means reviving the relationship between Cluj, its river and its territory. Looking backwards onto the historical development of the city, one can see that the river and its tributaries have had a crucial role in giving it shape. Today, nevertheless, this strong bound has been forgotten. 
The project proposes a soft network, pedestrian and bike friendly, that interweaves the various landscapes – waterscape, cityscape and territory – offering divers experiences. 

The network has three main components: The Promenade, The Urban-Walk system and The Scenic Route. 


The Promenade is at the center of the soft network and it is composed of two main elements. The first main element is a linear network of walkways, bicycle paths and pedestrian bridges that sway along the waterfront interacting with the different sections of the river. The second main element are the strategic projects that articulate the Promenade with the transversal Urban-Walks.

There are two strategic areas along the Promenade. The first one is Armăturii Futuristic Park at the confluence between the Nădăș Stream and Someș River. The second one, Central Someș, starts with the Grigorescu Olympic Swimming Pool and ends at the Tranzit House, sliding along the city center.  

ARMĂTURII FUTURISTIC PARK: “A sensorial experience, a meeting between water, nature and technology

“Armatura Futuristic Park“ connects along the Nădăș Stream, through an urban-walk to the “Ethnographic Museum“. This provides the opportunity of building a metaphorical bridge between traditional values and future ideals of the city.

The proposal aims at creating an interactive experience between the visitors on one side and water and nature on the other side with the help of engineering and technology.

CENTRAL SOMEȘ: “Facing the River

This second strategic area’s purpose is to make the city center turn its face to the river. Central Someș is organized around four strategic projects that interact with the water-scape and its surroundings while relating functionally to the landmarks at the end of The Urban-Walks.Armatura Futuristic Park8/11

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