Architecture | Interior Design | Black House


near Bucharest, Romania
private house
credits: Alexandru Muntean | Calin Lambrache | Valeriu Nicolaides | Alexandrina Remescu Simo

Black House is designed for a young couple who owns a typical plot of land (500 sqm) in one of Bucharest’s chaotic suburbs. We have designed the house to be very cost effective, to accommodate all the couple’s needs but without loosing consideration for the interior space. The program is housed inside a simple, compact, pitched roof volume with two carved out spaces: a front one for the entrance and a back one for garden access. The living room sits slightly raised in the center of the house and above it there is a void that communicates to the upper floor. 

The materials used continue the idea of cost-effectiveness without trying to hide it. The big volume is clad in black corrugated metal, the cuts use OSB boards and polycarbonate, and the fence is made of cinder blocks. 

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