Architecture | Bloc D


Bucharest, Romania
residential proposal
credits: Alexandru Muntean | Valeriu Nicolaides | Alexandrina Remescu Simo | Calin Lambrache
structure: Radu Matei

This situation made us recall Jorge Oteiza’s sculpture, “Las Meninas”, a reinterpretation of Diego Velázquez’s  1656 famous painting with the same name, only in this case the “block of stone” was to be sculpted by directions and conditions generated by the context.

Taking into consideration the required alignments, the adjacent buildings’ height, existing street front, the shape of the site, the North-South orientation and views towards the park, we began a process of subtraction out of the maximum possible volume. Piece by piece the parts that did not fit the proposed scenario were taken out. The resulted shape defined the volume of the building, a dark monolith, tempered, overtaken by hanging plants, visible from the street yet camouflaged.   

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