Urban Planning | Rotasului Masterplan


Bucharest, Romania
residential private competition
credits: Razvan Puchici | Ioana Moanga | Alexandru Muntean | Valeriu Nicolaides | Alexandrina Remescu Simo | Calin Lambrache

One of the biggest challenges was to achieve the high density required by the competition brief while avoiding the neighbours shading and negotiating the relationship between the compound and it’s 4 different accesses. We proposed a series of key setbacks at the top of the facades as well as in some other areas of the buildings allowing for the sun to reach the neighbours as much as possible while breaking and fragmenting the large volumes. 

Inside the plot we designed a large courtyard with water features and big vegetation, a courtyard that can be visible from all of the 4 access and that invites visitors to short circuit the urban block. This was possible by placing all the parking spaces under the buildings in 2 basement level.  

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