Urban Planning | Jandarmeriei Masterplan


Bucharest, Romania
residential masterplan
credits: Alexandru Muntean | Calin Lambrache David Stancu |Razvan Puchici | Ioana Moanga

This project was developed for and with the help of Arxtudio. Located in the North part of Bucharest across the street from a dense forest, our project takes advantage of the free space and the nature present on and around the site. The main challenge was to propose just the right balance of density and green space to ensure all the apartments receive direct sunlight. To make this possible we organized the compound into 3 long bars that are bent to allow light and greenery in. Using 6 simple modules we managed to achieve an organic looking compound which steers away from the usual monotonous solution of isolated buildings spread on a grid.

The parking and main car circulation are moved in the underground – directly connected to the staircases and elevators – while leaving the ground floor open for parks, ponds and greenery.

In order to create a safe, intimate, open and green space for the residents to enjoy the ground floor plan is organized in a series of interconnected courtyards. This has been achieved by taking out some of the ground floor apartments to create pedestrian passages. To the north there will be a public square formed by a bend of the apartments buildings where the shops, pharmacy and kindergarten are located. 

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